Parent Information

Parent Information


The team suit and warm-up are available at Elsmore Swim Shop.  Click HERE to access the Knights link.  Team orders MUST be placed prior to December 1.


As with all school sports, there is an activity fee charged to help defray costs. Please check the middle school or high school activities department websites to determine fee for the current year.

The school provides deck coats to our athletes.  Swimmers and divers need to purchase their own swim caps, team suit, and warm-up jacket.  Team suits and warm-up jackets can be purchased online from Elsmore Swim Shop.  Instructions on purchasing the specific suit selected will be sent to parents at the beginning of each season.  Athletes will also need a practice suit, as the meet suits will stay in much better shape throughout the season if they are worn only at meets.

As an optional purchase, parents may buy team shirts or other apparel for their swimmers and themselves.  We love to see our supporters in the stands wearing the school colors and making some collective noise for our swimmers!

During the season, if the team has a pasta party or some other team bonding event, your swimmer may be asked to bring an item to share or to contribute a few dollars.  The end-of-season banquet is typically catered and costs about $10 per person.

There are other costs associated with high school swim and dive that are covered by the booster club through fundraising (ie. portions of overnight trips, record board updates, etc.)  Our main source of fundraising is via or annual fall coupon-card sale. The booster club also raises money from concessions sales at our home meets.


Our home-pool is at the STMA Middle School East on Naber Avenue in St. Michael.  The school will provide transportation to practice from Middle School WEST and from the High School.  Many high school students drive to the pool.  Buses are provided for away meets, and are a great chance for the swimmers to spend some “out of the water” time together.  If a student needs to leave a meet with a parent rather than taking the bus home, a note must be given to the coach in advance, or arrangements must be made with the coach after the meet.


It’s a bit surprising, if you are a newcomer, to realize just how many volunteers are required to make a swim meet successful.  We’re proud of the number of parents and students that get involved when STMA hosts a meet.  Below are the roles we need filled to make sure our meets go smoothly.  Take a minute to read about these tasks and decide what you can do to help.

Meet volunteer roles

  • Timers:  For each meet, we need two timers per lane.  One timer takes a stopwatch time; the other hits a backup button that records a time within the computerized system, just in case the touchpad fails when the swimmer finishes.  The stopwatch time is written to a timesheet and turned in at the end of the meet.
  • Concessions Stand:  We need a volunteer to purchase and deliver concession stand items, as well as set-up and clean-up volunteers.  Parent volunteers from the boys’ team work in the concession stand during the girls’ season and vice-versa so that all parents can watch their swimmer’s meets.  We need at least one adult supervising, even better if two adults team up to oversee this operation.
  • Timing Table (Omni Timing System, Computer, Scoring):  These positions require a bit of training.  Volunteers will want to commit to at least one season so that they can learn the ropes.  The Omni is an automated timing system that displays times on the scoreboard.  The computer system records swimmer names and results.  The scorer keeps track of event and team scoring.
  • Pre-Meet Set-up/After-Meet Clean-up:  Before the meet we need chairs set up and touchpads placed in each lane.  After the meet, all the folding chairs need to be collected and touchpads need to be pulled.  Additionally, we need to clear all empty bottles, discarded programs, etc., from the bleachers.


We are fortunate that our athletes generally understand the privilege of representing their school and the responsibility that comes with that.  Every member of our team is an ambassador for our school; we have high expectations that all swimmers and divers conduct themselves in a manner we would all be proud of.  We ask that parents reiterate to their child the importance of good behavior and good sportsmanship, and likewise, exhibit good sportsmanship themselves in the stands while watching our meets.

Attendance/Lettering/Dress Code Policies

These policies will be determined by the coaches at the beginning of each season.  Please see the current Team Handbook for specific details.  All swimmers and divers need to be aware that any absence due to disciplinary action taken by the school, in and of itself, jeopardizes their ability to participate in upcoming meets and to earn a letter.


We contact families as soon as possible if there are sudden changes to our schedule or if weather postpones a meet.  Most of our communication is done via e-mail or text.  We will also post any announcements on the home page of this website as soon as possible.


As with all sports, our swimming and diving teams raise funds for expenses not covered by the school’s budget.  This can include expenses such as record board updates, overnight trips, training equipment, etc.  It’s important that all swimmers help raise the funds needed for these expenses.  All athletes from the boys and girls swim teams are expected to participate in our annual fall coupon-card fundraiser which occurs on a Saturday in September. Your son or daughter will be contacted and asked to participate; please help them get involved when they are called upon!

Your efforts make the difference:  In past years, we purchased an awards podium, a record board and a variety of training equipment.  In light of tight school funding for extra-curricular programs, we need to replenish our funds in order to continue to subsidize overnight trips and other expenses not covered by the school’s athletics budget.

It’s important to note that our booster club is a non-profit organization and has a 501c3 status.  Many companies will match your contribution to organizations such as ours, or may allow you to designate your contribution to any non-profit as part of their annual United Way fund drive.  Please check what options your company may offer and consider making a donation to the Knights’ swim and dive programs.  We greatly appreciate your support!

Off-Season Training

Many swimmers and divers practice during the off-season to keep themselves in shape and hone their technique.  We are fortunate to have a strong club, the Sea Devils, here in our community.  There are also some good camps and clinics in Minnesota.  Some athletes may also choose to work out on their own or cross train by participating in other sports.  Whatever they do, make sure they keep in mind the goals they have set for the upcoming season, and that they do what they can in the off-season to make those goals achievable!