Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer · STMA Football Cheerleaders Cheer Off Champions once again!

Every Fall the Varsity Cheerleaders participate in the Great Minnesota Cheer Off hosted by the Minnesota Cheerleading Coaches Association (MCCA).  This year due to COVID the event had to be held virtually with video submissions.  In mid-October the team recorded a Game Situation, Time Out Cheer, and our School Song for submission.  Results were just announced today after pushing the deadline back due to the many hurdles teams were facing this year.

STMA placed first in all three categories and was named the Overall Champions as well.  It was a close one this year with Eastview placing 2nd overall and Brainerd 3rd.  Congratulations to these teams as well.  We are so proud of our Knights cheerleaders as this is the 5th year in a row they have placed first overall.

In addition to the Cheer off, video submissions were taken for the All State Sideline Cheer Team.  We were allowed to submit 6 videos to represent our school.  All six of STMA’s candidates were named to the 16 member team.  Congratulations to Ashley Cushman(12), Evie Kastner (12), Abby Kemmetmueller (12), Allie Lombardi (11), Emily Thell (11), and Brittney Harris (10).