Varsity Wrestling · Home Training Ideas

Control, what you can control.

Right now, we can control to best physically & mentally prepare ourselves for when the season begins

Other steps to improve during this Pause: 

(1) Physically Prepare Yourself for the Season
—–The workouts above are just ideas to help you be creative and stay active.
(2) Watch Video on Wrestling:
—–Last year’s matches, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Flowrestling, etc…
(3) Begin to Develop Healthy Nutrition Habits
—–Start to learn to cook homemade meals, replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks, reduce sugar intake
(4) Keep a Training Journal
—–Track your progress, times, reps, time of day, and your mood
(5) Begin the Goal Writing Process:
—–post goals in your room, around your home, wear you will plan to workout,

Click below to access the .pdf calendar for at home training ideas.

Home Training Calendar (1)