Varsity BPA · Meeting 10/15/19

Discussed Torch Points

App is BPA Scheduler

Contact Chloe Steinke if you missed the meeting for your username @763-200-3053

Everyone’s password is knightsbpa (all lowercase and one word)

Ideas for chapter events

Contact Grace Sinkule

Website and Social Media Information

Creating on Instagram and Facebook contact Lauren Welle if you have information

Event Selection

Each member filled out a worksheet with a general idea of his/her events for competition please see below. There will be a google form sent to everyone in remind to fill out if you were not at the meeting.

If you need help with the selection of your events, find any of the officers that have previously participated in BPA or contact them on Remind–Grange Farr, Chloe Steinke, Lauren Welle, Maddy Sawyer, Grace Sinkule

what should I compete in