Theater, Varsity Theatre · Crucible Call back list

Thank you all for auditioning.  You all did a wonderful job!

If your name is on this list below please report to call backs on Friday March 15 after school.  Call backs will take place in the same room as the auditions (Mr. Bergers room).  Plan to be at callbacks until 6:00 PM.  Full cast list will be posted Friday evening.

Stella Leuer
Lucky Kadar
Jack Schutz
Zach Hassing
Laura Panuska
Janie Anderson
Lauren Flakne
Cora Benker
Nolan W. Montcalm
Jacob Lish
Noah Dyer
Jaricha Klinkner
Emery Bell
Jonathan Haller
Lindsay Rohr
James Cheaye
Kylie Bjork
Jorie Emerson
Sulaiman Bada
Ben Hughes